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Deciphered Roanoke takes pride in our room designs. We design every room in-house, so you can have an experience unmatched by any other escape room.  Rooms are updated and changed frequently, so stay tuned by following us on social media and be the first to try a brand new room!

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Hijacked Signal

Station 99.8 OSLE is known for their hit late night call-in show, The Strange and Unexplained. One stormy night, during the live broadcast of the show, an ominous call comes in. The only thing you heard was a deep, inhuman voice say “Planet Earth,” before a crack of lightning knocked the power out. The backup generator failed to keep the station broadcasting throughout the outage, and the remainder of the call was not heard.  

Your team has one hour to restore power to the station and listen to the rest of the call to figure out what the strange voice was trying to communicate. 

           Successful Escapes

           Successful Escapes



Difficulty: Hard



A Few Morsels

For months it's been scraps of this, a few drops of that, and you have struggled to survive. Living life as a nomad is all downs, with no real ups.

One night, as your group is losing daylight, you stumble upon what looks like a shed. But hey, it looks relatively dry and easy to hole up in. As you enter the room, you discover that it's actually a well-house, complete with cabinets of supplies and food. Judging by the number of supplies locked away in this haven, someone lives here. And with the sun quickly setting, your time to get the supplies and get out is running low.



Difficulty: Intermediate


           Successful Escapes

           Successful Escapes

Deciphered Roanoke From The Sky

From The Sky

You are a member of the National Security Council. During a meeting, your team receives a video message from one of the President's top advisors. A foreign power has launched a coordinated attack on America. The President has been incapacitated and an onslaught of nuclear warheads are heading for America's most populated areas.

The very room you meet in contains the means to launch the USA's anti-missile defense system to intercept the warheads. Unfortunately, the video feed with the advisor cuts off before he can explain how to activate the system. Your team has one hour to figure out how to stop the attack before disaster strikes America.

           Successful Escapes

           Successful Escapes



Difficulty: Easy

Any Ideas?

We design our own rooms. That's part of what makes us unique, and we'd love to hear your ideas. If you would like to see a certain puzzle or room theme, send us a message via Contact Us.