Deciphered Roanoke’s Corporate Package is a One-Stop-Shop for Your Company’s Next Team Building Outing

Deciphered Roanoke Escape Rooms has partnered with OpX Solutions to create a unique, challenging, and results-oriented package which will aim to increase your team's synergy and ability to work together.

People don’t often equate the words corporate and fun. However, as business leaders continue to learn the importance of keeping a well-balanced company culture, more and more executives and HR departments are seeking out ways to take their teams away from the office. While words like profit, bottom line, and productivity all obviously still have their place in the professional world, company leaders have concerned themselves with how engagement, culture, and employee happiness affect these more traditional business metrics.

In the UK, companies spend upwards of £305 per employee, according to The Mirror, and in America, spending on employee engagement activities is expected to grow to $1.5 billion annually. As employee engagement budgets grow, HR departments are looking for activities that are both creative and productive. That’s the space we at Deciphered Roanoke hope to occupy with our new Corporate Package.

What’s Included?

The Deciphered Roanoke Corporate Package blends the fun and excitement of our unique escape rooms with an hour-long team building workshop led by the experienced professionals at OpX solutions. Companies that choose the Corporate package will receive three escape room experiences, an hour-long team dynamics workshop, T-shirts for all participants, and refreshments.

How Does an Escape Room Build Better Teams?

As humans, we often wonder how we will respond in stressful situations. Would we have what it takes to gather our wits and fix a threatening problem? It’s what drives our infatuation with horror and thrillers, the “what ifs” in life. Escape rooms capitalize on this innate response to bond together and find a way.

While our rooms at Deciphered are not scary, they do put participants in dire situations that require clarity and resolve to see their way out of — fixing an oxygen leak on a distant spacecraft or raiding a cabin in a post-apocalyptic setting. Even though these fantasy scenarios may require some suspension of reality, the skills used throughout are tangible and applicable to the professional world. With an hour to solve a series of puzzles within the theme of the room, participants utilize problem-solving, communication, delegation, and more.

Meet Mike Leigh

The hour-long team dynamics workshop will be facilitated by its creator, Mike Leigh. As an escape room fanatic and corporate team building expert, Mike is highly qualified to take the experience of the Deciphered Escape Room and relate it to practical applications in the workplace. He and his team from OpX Solutions have custom built their program for the Deciphered Roanoke Experience.

Mike has 25 years of leadership and management experience, within both government and corporate environments. Mike served in the United State Navy for 20 years before retiring as a Commander in 2008 to work at General Electric. Mike spent 13 years with GE and held various leadership and senior management positions at several different manufacturing sites. Mike left the corporate world and started OpX Solutions because of his desire to more closely help others achieve success, both in their personal and professional lives, and to be more involved in the Roanoke area.

To book the Deciphered Roanoke Corporate Package for your next team building event, call the Deciphered Roanoke office at 540-855-0535 or email Ben Shaw.