4 Reasons Escape Rooms Make for Perfect Family Fun

Summer is in full swing, and the summer lull has families searching for activities to make the most of their time off. Are you searching for something fun, engaging, and memorable to do in Downtown Roanoke? Here are four reasons you should consider an escape room for your next family fun day!

1. Work Together to Accomplish a Task

Cooperation is the name of the game in escape rooms. Rather than competing against one another, your family will work together in a race against the clock to escape across a variety of situations — from a collapsing mineshaft to a post-apocalyptic world. Over the course of an hour, your family will put your communication skills, teamwork, and brain power to the test as you solve puzzles in order to escape! It's an experience totally unique to escape rooms.

2. Create a Lasting Memory

Nothing makes a family fun night as special as the people you spend it with. Unlike spending an evening in watching TV, escape rooms provide a unique experience that your family will talk about well after you escape (or the time runs out). Over the course of an hour, you will work together to solve puzzles, uncover mysteries in the room, and hopefully share a few laughs along the way.

3. Get Away from Your Phones for an Hour

Technology has seemingly infiltrated every aspect of our lives. No matter where you go, people constantly have their face in a screen. While a lot of people consider it to be an issue with the younger generation, we could all benefit from a bit of time away from our phones. The beauty of an escape room — at least at Deciphered — is that no phones are allowed! For an hour, we lock your phones in a box that you get to keep with you, allowing your family to focus on the puzzles at hand and the fun you are having together.

4. Everyone will Love It! (We Guarantee It!)

Escape rooms have something for everyone. At Deciphered, we always say it's like a real life video game. Each room has a unique story with its own intrigue. There are puzzles that will challenge the mind. And even if you don't escape, you will have a lot of fun along the way!

We even offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don't have a great time! Just tell us how we can make it better next time, and we will give you a full refund!

Experience the Excitement at Deciphered

At Deciphered, we pride ourselves on creating a fun and unique experience for everyone that walks through our door. Our escape rooms are conceptualized, designed, and built in-house to ensure that your hour spent here is like no other experience. So, what are you waiting for? Book now to experience the thrill of an escape room at our Downtown Roanoke loaction.

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